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Wooden Houses

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Bio Life Wooden Houses 
Bio Life Wooden Houses Company, Where the Quality, Excellence and Sustainability Are the Slogan of the 
Bio Life relies on the use of the finest cedar wood in the world to build luxury wooden houses in various 
hot and cold regions for its ability to resist, protect and mitigate harsh nature factors.



Environment-Friendly Houses:

Wooden houses are environmentally friendly as they are free of iron and cement and save approximately 40% of electricity consumption and maintain a clean environment. The wooden house is called the carbon killer because it purifies carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. A medium-sized wooden house filters as much carbon as resulted from a family car for twenty years.


Healthy Houses:

Wooden houses are healthy homes where the resident feels psychological comfort, relieve stress, enhance immunity, and help speed recovery from illness as a result of the characteristics of cedar wood in terms of pleasant aroma, where the cedar fragrance creates a wonderful climate beneficial to health and peaceful sleep. Cedar wood contributes in killing bacteria in the air, purifying and humidifying the air inside the rooms due to its moisture-regulating properties, in addition to its ability to absorb sounds and noise and ensure calmness inside the house regardless of external factors.

Safe Houses:

First: Fire-resistant homes since the used wood is treated with fire-retardant, insect- and moisture-resistant materials

Second: Safe in times of natural disasters, while earthquakes destroy concrete buildings completely, its impact on wooden houses is on simple parts that can be restored.

Expeditious Construction and Longevity:

In terms of speed of construction, there is no comparison between wooden houses and well- known construction methods, as they are less expensive and faster (from 30 to 45 days), with safety, security and beauty of appearance, which means saving a lot of time and money. Despite the competition between materials and building technologies, wood retained its traditional meaning and remained at the fore, with cedar wooden houses estimated life from 50 to 300 years

if cared for properly.

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