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About Us

We at Biolife believe in quality and high standards for the product. There are too many unknown Scalar Energy products in the market now days; we decided to setup BioLife ME for testing several Scalar Energy products. In order to ensure our customers will receive the genuine and real products.There are many scientific studies talks about the efficacy of Scalar Energy. Scalar Energy has benefits to human health on the cellular level;
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What is Scalar Energy?

This is the new world of scalar electromagnetism, the zero-point energy, the energy of the absolute nothingness which existed before the world began. These new waves of energy are called "longitudinal" EM (electromagnetism) to distinguish them from "transverse" EM, the kind we are familiar with in our daily life, which power our cell phones  and pagers, television and radio broadcasts, microwave ovens, and so on. Rather than
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Frequently asked questions

1. What does the Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant do?
A. Generally, the pendant has been reported to instantly boost energy levels & increase mental fitness. The other reported benefits of the pendant include: increasing stamina, protection from harmful electromagnetic radiation, improving sense of balance, and increasing resilience to stress. People tell us that in most cases any aches and pains  
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