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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant do?

A. Generally, the pendant has been reported to instantly boost energy levels & increase mental fitness. The other reported benefits of the pendant include: increasing stamina, protection from harmful electromagnetic radiation, improving sense of balance, and increasing resilience to stress. People tell us that in most cases any aches and pains disappear gradually. If necessary, you can even try rubbing the Scalar Pendant directly over the painful area.


2.   Should I wear the Scalar-Pendant all the time?

A.  Yes. Even during bath you can wear it, water will not affect the effectiveness of the pendant. In fact Scalar Energy reacts best with water. Some people are concern when the pendant gets wet. The concern here is not the pendant but rather the string/cord. We advise that you carefully remove the pendant before showering so that the string/cord does not frail quickly from the wetness and therefore, would last longer. If you are wearing the pendant with a metal chain then this is not an issue.


3.   How soon will I have to wait before experiencing any effects?  

A.  Some respond immediately or within a few hours while others may require up to a month to register its effects.  If there is still no effect after a month, removing it for a week is sometimes the best way to monitor how it has been of benefit. 


4. How does it work?

A. The combination of natural materials in the pendant produces scalar energy that gets transferred to your DNA, which carries charges. All known living things are governed by charges, which can be affected positively or negatively by external frequencies. Negative frequencies include electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones and computer screens. As such, the positive frequencies from the Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant help to neutralize the effects of negative frequencies.


5. Which frequencies were embedded?

A. Without giving away proprietary information, there are two key frequencies we focus on. First, is the Schuman Resonance. This is in the 7.8 - 8 range. It is the frequency the earth emits when there is nothing around - nothing manmade and no plant or animal life around. It is the innate frequency of the earth. The other frequency is closer to 12 Hz. This is the frequency that you will record in a rainforest - again with nothing manmade around. These are the core scalar frequencies that accomplish everything we've talked about in this report


6. What kind of evidence is there to show that the scalar energy can be transferred to my body?

A. Often, the most compelling evidence can be the testimonials (See "Testimonials" for further details) of those whose lives have been changed by using the pendant. Nevertheless, there are 2 notable tests to demonstrate the effects of scalar energy on your body:


(i) The Prognos test, which measures the energetic state of the body, shows that the body experiences increased levels of energy when exposed to scalar energy; and


(ii) Kirlian photography, which captures the level of energy in objects, shows objects that are exposed to scalar energy to have higher levels of energy.


7. Can the Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant be used to improve sleep? Can I wear it to sleep?

A. Yes. It calms the mind thereby helping to promote more restful, quality sleep. However, as the Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant tends to increase alertness and energy levels, certain individuals may have a hard time falling asleep while wearing it. If this happens to you, try removing it 4-5 hours before bedtime


8. Will it ever run out?

A.   No, it will last a lifetime. Quantum Science Energy Pendants conserve their natural energy through their highly permeable and synergetic properties; they will retain their effect for 1000+ years so you don’t have to worry about it not working one day. It also does not require any maintenance.


9. What can I do if wearing the Scalar-Pendant did not help to reduce the pain of the affected part?

 A.   You can try rubbing the Scalar-Pendant directly over the painful area. 


10. Are there any side-effects to wearing Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant?

It is not magnetic, not electrical and not radioactive. A few wearers have experienced a strange or uncomfortable feeling during the first few days and may be symptomatic of the body adjusting to the effects of the pendant. If the discomfort continues, wear it for a few hours a day at first and gradually increase the wearing time.


11. I am feeling uncomfortable the first few days after putting on the pendant.

This is proof that the pendant is working. You might give your body the time to adapt itself. However, some people might experience the so-called 'healing crisis'. It is characterized by a temporary increase in symptoms during the cleansing or detoxification process when our body tries to dispose toxins at a faster rate than our body can cope with. Reactions may be mild or they may be severe. You should expect it and work with it. It might be an indicator that the cleansing is working.


The healing crisis will usually bring about past conditions in whatever order the body is capable of handling at that time. People often forget the diseases or injuries they have had in the past, but are usually reminded during the crisis. Reactions are temporary and can occur immediately - or within several days, or even several weeks, of a detoxification. Symptoms usually pass within 1-3 days, but on rare occasions can last several weeks.


12. Why do some people experience an initial worsening of the pain on wearing the Pendant?

 A.This is known as the 'healing crisis' which may occur prior to resolution of the symptoms.


13. What is the purpose of having the Authenticity Card?

 A. The number on the card should tally with the number on the Quantum Pendant. The Authenticity Card has also been specially coated to provide similar effects of the Quantum Pendant.

Please register your product .


14. Unlike my friends who felt great after using the Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant, I felt a little dizzy when I first started wearing it. Is this normal?

A. Yes. While most people feel great, some individuals may experience some initial discomfort like head heaviness, light dizziness, chest tightness, etc. If this happens, remove the pendant and try wearing it for only a few minutes a day, then gradually extend wear time over a couple of days/weeks. Alternatively, try placing the pendant in your pocket below your waist. After a few weeks, you can try wearing the pendant around your neck.


15. Initially I felt great but the beneficial effects have somehow worn off after wearing the Pendant for a few months. Why is this so? What do I do?

A. Please do not be alarmed. Your body adapts itself to the scalar energy. If you think that the pendant has somewhat lost its efficacy after wearing it for a long time, stop wearing the pendant for a week and then resume. This should enable you to enjoy its benefits again.


16. Should I stop using the Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant once my health has improved?

A. That's your own free choice, of course. However, you are advised to continue wearing the pendant. You will experience progressive and more significant improvement with continuous usage of the Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant. It ensures continuous protection against electromagnetic frequencies so it can help you to maintain good health and prevent health problems.


17. Does wearing two Scalar Energy Pendants give me better and faster results?

A. Wearing one pendant at any one time is sufficient to provide the required results. Usually, it's not necessary to wear more than one pendant except in severe cases. If you are suffering from severe discomforts e.g. headache, stomach ache, backache, knee pain, etcetera on several parts of your body, you can place Quantum Scalar Energy Pendants at these locations simultaneously.


18. My Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant broke, will it loses its power?

The Scalar Pendant may break or chip if dropped or knocked against a hard surface. Glue the broken parts together using a strong adhesive and continue wearing. The pendant is still functional although its efficacy might be slightly reduced. We don't know. However, you can still carry it in your pocket being able to enjoy the full benefit. You may also return the broken pendant with its original Authentication Card with matching serial no. and have it replaced at a reduced price


 19.   How do I energize the water?

A.  By placing Scalar-Pendant or the Authenticity Card underneath a glass or a bottle of water for at least 15 minutes.


20. How long will the water stay energized?

A. Indefinitely, as long as the energized water is not exposed to electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) or negative energy.


21. What are the benefits of drinking energized water?

A.It is the same as the benefits of wearing the Scalar-Pendant and the effects last 4-24 hours depending on the individual's energy level. The water has a fresher and more pleasant taste. Some have applied the energized water to the skin for chronic skin diseases. Others have used it on their hair to promote hair growth.


22. What other liquid can I energize?

A. Basically any liquid.


23.   What is the difference between alkaline water and energized Scalar-Pendant water?  

 A. Many have mistakenly believed that making the body less acidic via alkaline water is healthy! This can cause pH imbalance, bone problems and organ damage if not careful. Safest way is fruits and vegetables and your body balances the pH itself through natural processing of these healthy foods. Drinking water is safer when neutral pH, as it is in its natural state. For more information, read Harvey Diamond's "Fit for Life" book. Scalar Pendant does not tamper with the natural safe pH of energized healing water. If nature wanted us to drink alkaline water, then water would be alkaline. Keep in mind that water is of neutral pH.


24. Where is the proof of these benefits?

A. If you look for the proof of 'chi' or scalar energy it's all around you. Looking for proof of quantum physics is in the results not the cause and effects. Also belief does wonders and influences the results. Beliefs hold both emotional and mental energy and can deeply affect your entire being. Whether true or not, your beliefs are accepted as truth by your subconscious mind and affect how you act, sleep, think and perceive the world and other people around you. Negative thoughts, worries and fears have a weakening effect on the immune system. A positive outlook enhances our well-being.


Beliefs even carries a placebo-effect with themselves. Assume that a placebo gives the same result as a medicinal painkiller. Just assume. For which one will you go for? The painkiller, or the placebo with no side effects? Anyway: look at the tests, and observe and taste the differences for yourself.


25. Where is the proof of these benefits?

A. Now a days, people are addict of the mobile, which receives the electro-magnetic waves all the time, which also make bad effect on our nervous system. If we have the mobile in our pocket on in hand, due the electro-magnetic waves we lapse with our balance and energy. While if you wear the Quantum Force Pendant then it will impact positively on your system. Contact your business associate for a demonstration.


26. How does it prevent jet lags?

A. Wetter liquids – more ability for the body organs to absorb water, increased ‘hydration’ locked within the natural molecular structure are thousands of molecular clusters. The body organs can hydrate and absorb the liquid more easily. In addition, the surface tension of the water has been removed (bio film) which adds to the hydration effect. Increased oxygen potential – Increasing oxygen in the blood cells increases energy levels. The natural molecular structure locks in the oxygen and other gases within the liquid into quantum suspension. These gases cannot evaporate, as they are part of the liquid. This in turn allows the bodies DNA to absorb oxygen at much higher levels than can be found in other liquids.


27. How is it used to lock the chlorinated water?

A. While chlorine is a wonderful bio-side, it has also been shown to destroy life. Fish and plants cannot live with it. If your supply of water contains chlorine then one can simply stand a bottle of chlorinated water over the pendant or authenticity card. The new molecular structure of the water will remove the smell taste and odor of chlorine. Yet the chlorine is still effective but in this case the fish can live and plants will grow.


28. How does the energy transfer to the water using Scalar-Pendant?  

A.    The pendant energy resonates into the liquid where it ‘picks up’ the resonance. The resonance generated is similar to that which is found in the earth surrounding many healing spring waters of the world. Much research is now focused on this fact as 70% of our bodies are made of water and it is important to nourish the body with the correct molecular structured water.


29. Is the pendant magnetic?

A. NO, it is non-magnetic

30. How to Clean a Pendant:

Give your pendant a salt water bath before using for the first time.

  1. Dissolve 1 tsp. pure sea salt mixed into 8 oz. of water
  2. Soak the pendant in the salt water for few minutes
  3. Remove from salt water and pat dry with a paper towel
  4. Repeat this procedure before and after lending the pendant to others

31. Is it Safe?
It is ABSOLUTELY SAFE! To quote from the Barron Report, “Are the charged products safe? Absolutely! There is nothing unnatural about scalar energy. It has been around since the creation of the universe. It’s all a question of embedding healing/energizing frequencies as opposed to harmful frequencies”

Scientific Reports the scalar energy pendant is based on strong scientific principles and evidence. The Barron Report, one of many, describes what scalar energy is and how amazing it is. There are many other scientific reports supporting the benefits of scalar energy for our health. Recently it is being used to treat HIV Positive patients!