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About Us

We at Biolife believe in quality and high standards for the product. There are too many unknown Scalar Energy products in the market now days; we decided to setup BioLife ME for testing several Scalar Energy products. In order to ensure our customers will receive the genuine and real products.   

There are many scientific studies talks about the efficacy of Scalar Energy. Scalar Energy has benefits to human health on the cellular level;

Some of the known benefits of scalar energy are the elimination of the negative effects that we come across when we use electrical appliances and equipment’s. The scalar energy helps in neutralizing the effect of harmless frequencies that we come across in our daily lives into positive energy, giving the boost we need.

It is also a known fact that scalar energy strengthens our immune system.

There are some known facts through which we can determine the presence of scalar energy in a product. The water molecules would become smaller when placed under any scalar energy product for a period of 10 min or so. The effect would be in the shape of water becoming clear and easier to consume. The cigarette becomes tasteless once it comes in contact with any form of scalar energy, hence a person benefitting from breaking the chain of smoking. It is also brought to attention that coffee tastes better after placing under a scalar energy product for a period of few minutes.

When using Scalar Pendants and other energy products, you’ll notice the difference immediately! Reported effects by people who’ve tried Scalar Energy include:

  • Most importantly, protection against harmful EMF effects on the body
  • Improved energy, immunity, and strength

  • Increased concentration, healing, and focus

  • Reduced stress levels healing time, and much better sleep

After you place the pendant around your neck, the energy charged into your Scalar Pendant will go to work, and in a few minutes you will begin feeling the effects. Scalar energy which is also known as negative ion in scientific terms is a great source of energy, which is beneficial to our body and can bring about lots of health changes to our wellbeing.