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What is Scalar energy?

What is Scalar energy?

 This is the new world of scalar electromagnetism, the zero-point energy, the energy of the absolute nothingness which existed before the world began.

 These new waves of energy are called "longitudinal" EM (electromagnetism) to distinguish them

from "transverse" EM, the kind we are familiar with in our daily life, which power our cell phones

 and pagers, television and radio broadcasts, microwave ovens, and so on. Rather than

modulating in 3-dimensions they are modulating in the direction they are going, accordion-like,

that is, along the axis of time, the 4th dimension.


This new discovery in the new field of "scalar electromagnetic" is the discovery that time itself is

compressed energy, compressed by the factor of the speed-of-light-squared.  As shown by

Einstein's E = mc2, matter itself is also compressed energy, and compressed by the same

 factor as scalar energy is compressed in time.



Nikola Tesla


Nikola Tesla is generally considered the father of scalar electromagnetic. Tesla's name for this

 energy, also called "scalar energy" or "zero-point" energy was "Radiant Energy." He made a free

 energy device called the "Tesla turbine," and even converted an automobile to run on

the "radiant energy.


Through scalar electromagnetic it will become possible to engineer physical reality directly,

even to engineering at the molecular level, creating new "impossible" molecules and even

transmuting elements. It will be possible to make radioactive waste non-radioactive.

This new science will unlock the secret of gravity, and thereby the secret of anti-gravity

 allowing us to manufacture our own "UFOs." It will allow the cure of cancer and Aids.



 Four most important implications of the discovery of

 longitudinal waves:


1. Oil-wars are completely unnecessary. There is endless energy available freely from

 the domain of time.


2. Unbelievably powerful weapons are not only possible, but are already operating in several

 nations.  These weapons are unprecedented and mind-boggling.


3. The cure of diseases such as cancer and AIDS has become possible within a few years

 of sufficient funding. Everyone can be made healthy and stay healthy.


4. Mind control on a mass scale has now become possible, and the machines to do it are

already in place in certain nations.



 What are the properties of Scalar Energy?


The properties of Scalar Energy include them being non-linear and non-Hertzian. This energy

 form has the capacity to carry information. It also does not decay with the passing of

time or distance.

Scalar Energy cannot be measured by contemporary frequency instruments as it is depicted

 to be without frequency. This energy form is static, a stationary form of energy. When two similar

 frequencies coming from opposite directions meet, they cancel each other out. This results in

a stationary energy form.

The traditional understanding of energy is that it flows out in the form of waves. However, Scalar

Energy does not radiate as waves but expands outward in circles of energy. Occupying space,

 this spatial mass is not a vacuum but comprises a field of energy systems that is alive.

This vibrant and dynamic energy field radiates a network of harmoniously balanced energies.

Scalar energy can be created naturally. It is always existent in the universe. By applying the

conditions required, Scalar Energy can be created artificially.

How Scalar Energy works in our body?

It is a commonly accepted fact that the brain works with the nervous system to control the various

 Functions of the body’s organs and systems. The nervous system is extremely sensitive to

Electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) from the environment. Most electrical equipment (television,

computers, mobile phone and microwave) radiate 60 HZ frequencies and is able to interfere

 With the proper function of the nervous system.



High voltage cables also emit EMF that has a negative effect on the human body. There is growing

evidence in the medical field that links diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s with these

man-made EMF. Medical investigations and studies are also pointing out that symptoms

such as headaches, lack of concentration, depression, hyperactivity in children, sleep

disturbances and others could be the result of EMF.



Scalar Energy’s expansive and circular movement offers a field of protective shield around the

body. This protective shield removes and cancels the effects of man-made frequencies

(60 HZ) on the human body. This is achieved by enhancing the body’s natural defenses

against the damaging radiations coming from the various household and industrial

appliances that surround us.



The brain has its own vibrations. The human brain uses these vibrations to communicate

within itself and with the rest of the body. There are 4 classifications of brainwaves – Beta,

Alpha, Theta and Delta. Scalar Energy is able to promote Alpha wave frequency in the brain.

The brain then resonates at the same vibration as the earth’s energy field and is able to

amplify these vibrations. If this frequency is transmitted throughout the body, this could assist

the cells in the body achieve a particular resonance which is essential to optimum health.

 Scalar energy also promotes a mind that is relaxed, more coherent, focused and sharp with

improved clarity.



What are Benefits from Scalar Energy?


There are many benefits from the energy carried into cells by scalar enhanced supplements.

 The surface tension of enhanced products is reduced, making them easier for the body to

assimilate. And remember, scalar energy is readily transferred from product to cell. The

 electrical charge generated across cell membranes is brought up to optimal levels.  This

 allows nutrients to move into the cell and wastes to move out with maximum efficiency.

Overall body energy increases as each of the trillions of cells are energized. Scalar energy

strengthens chemical bonds within DNA, making it more resistant to damage. Blood is cleansed

and its cellular elements function as they should. Immune function improves. There is improved

mental focus, with increased amplitude of all EEG frequencies, but particularly the lower ones.

The 2 halves of the brain become more balanced, again shown by EEG’s. It creates an

antidepressant effect by direct action on neurotransmitter movement.



Scalar energy has some other amazing properties. It can actually be stronger weeks or

months after being embedded into high quality products. It repairs itself after disruptive

exposure to X-rays. It passes itself on to products or items placed nearby.  It can cancel out the

 harmful effects of 60 cycle currents as we have in homes and buildings, electromagnetic

fields, radiation, and microwaves.




All Life is Energy

All life is energy. Every nerve impulse in your body is an electric current. Our muscles are

powered by chemical energy. Every cell in your body is a mini-battery pumping out 70-90

millivolts—when healthy.

Optimize that Energy and You Optimize Your Health

 Energy is neither good nor bad; it’s just a question of what frequency and amplitude you use

and how you use it. And the same is true of all forms of energy. You may charge your body

with the right Frequencies to Prevent Disease. The energy use is merely of what frequency

 and amplitude.

The Nature of Energy

All of the energy that we normally think of is characterized by both particle and wavelike

Properties. The waveform of all these energies can be graphed as a Hertzian wave

(either in the form of a sine wave or a step wave).


We’re talking about everything from electricity to magnetism, from light to sound. The only

Difference between all of these forms of energy is how fast the waves rise and fall (the frequency)

and how intense those rises and falls are (their amplitude).