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Biolife Knee Guard , Far infrared tourmaline neoprene knee support ,

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Elements in BioLife Products
Titanium is a metal with a silver color, low density and high strength. Titanium jewelry is fashionable item, but as a form of bio magnetic therapy, they may also heal the pain of some conditions. Because of its durability, titanium has become more popular for designer jewelry.   Its inertness makes it a good choice for those with allergies or those who will be wearing the jewelry in environments such as swimming pools.
Also Titanium is a metal which shows highest compatibility with the human body. This is the reason why most medical devices that are to be fitted inside the body are made of titanium. Wearing titanium jewelry like bracelet could give you more energy.
Health Benefits of Titanium bracelets are Increased Oxygen Supply, Electric Neutralization, Body Compatibility, Durability, Pain Killer and Boost Energy Levels.

A magnet is a material or object that produces a magnetic field. When held against the skin, magnets relax capillary walls, thereby boosting blood flow to the painful area. 
Bio Magnetic bracelets are a natural choice whose forces penetrate into the channels and collaterally of the body to help regulate its physiological functions. It emits magnetic field penetrating the skin through the meridian pints in the hand (5cm from the wrist), travel with blood to many parts of the body releasing their benefits.
Magnetic jewelry helps your body to heal itself naturally from many disorders and health benefits Of Bio Magnetic Bracelets are migraine, back pain, shoulder pain and helps to relieve healing from various rheumatic pains and high blood pressure.
Negative Ions
An ion is an atom or molecules which bear an electrical charge. Atoms consist of an atomic nucleus that contains neutral neutrons, positively charged protons, as well as negatively charged electrons. If an atom is in a neutral condition, the number of protons (+)ve and the number of electrons (-)ve is equal. When the number of (+) ve and (-) ve are not the same, the particle becomes an ion that is either positively or negatively charged.
Generally we can say, positive ions are harmful to the human body, while negative ions are beneficial.

You can be seen in the changes in ion levels associated with storm activity. Several hours before a thunderstorm, for instance, low atmospheric pressure causes the number of positive ions in the air to increase dramatically, to levels that sometimes exceed 5000 ions per cm³. In contrast, during a storm, negative ions increase to several thousand per cm³ while positive ions decrease, often to below 500 per cm³. (You can detect similarly high negative ion concentrations near waterfalls.)
Wearing Negative Ions In Power Bracelet may increase the number of negative ions absorbed through the skin.
Positive and negative ions also exist in our bodies, and the ratio of ions in the air we breathe influences the ratio in our bodies. Ions enter the body through the lungs (inhalation) as well as through the skin - especially through meridian (acupressure) points, which have weak electronic resistance. Then they travel through the blood and lymphatic systems to cells throughout the body.

 Far Infrared Rays (FIR)
FIR are waves of energy, invisible to the naked eye, capable of penetrating deep into the human body, where they gently elevate the body's surface temperature adn stimulate major bodily functions. When emitted by the sun or our Bio Magnetic Jewelry, FIR penetrates through the skin to the subcutaneous tissues and is transformed from light energy into heat energy, brings you the following health benefits of FIR:
 FIR dilates (expands) capillaries, which facilitates increased blood flow, regeneration, circulation and oxygenation.
• Increased Metabolism.
• Relief from stress and fatigue.
• Regulation of the nervous system.
• Promotion of Sound Sleep.
• Strengthening of immune function.
 The human body is composed of 90% water. FIR cause resonance in water molecules, activating and ionizing them. Because of this effect, FIR heat therapy offers a variety of health and beauty benefits.
Check Out More Far Infrared Rays Energy Bracelet
When Far Infrared Rays penetrate the skin, they come into contact with proteins, collagen, fats and water molecules of our body. By stimulating micro-vibrations, FIR cause a thermal reaction which elevates tissue temperatures. Tissues are revitalised because of improved circulation. This dilates the capillaries, supports blood flow and helps to improve oxygen levels. Stored toxins are flushed out more easily, as is achieving a higher level of cell health.
As a semiconductor element, Germanium has a small band gap that allows it to efficiently respond to infrared light. The two important characteristics of Germanium that brings about healthy function effects are its natural ability to balance the body’s ions (bioelectricity) and the penetration of Far Infrared Rays into the human body.
Germanium is the oxygen maker, it disinfects blood and removes the body wastes and increases the quantity of the oxygen in the blood, promote metabolism, enhance immunity, beautify to the skin and maintain the hair follicles. 

 Health Benefits of Germanium;
• Strengthens one’s immune system.
• Increases blood circulation and Raises oxygen levels
• Speeds up metabolism of body cells
• Regulates positive and negative ions within the body
• Removes harmful toxins
• Relieves joint and muscle pain
• Alleviates physical stress, stiffness, cramps or discomfort
• Reduces water retention
• Relieves fatigue and tiredness
• Promotes quality sleep
• Counteract harmful positive ions generated by electrical and electronic appliances (e.g. mobile phones, computers, televisions) and industrial wastes

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